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MedVantage Plus is a supplier of
advanced pain management devices assisting in
relieving back pain, arthritic pain, muscle spasms,
sciatic pain, sports injury and more.

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Insurance Covered Pain Relieving Solutions

Looking for help filing a claim or want to know what your insurance will cover?
Brace Shop has teamed up with MedVantage Plus, LLC to help customers receive the pain relieving products they need covered by their insurance.

Prescription Download

Attention: You can help us expedite the process of getting relief by downloading one of the prescriptions below and take it to your doctor.  Ask him/her to examine you and and complete the prescription and fax it back to MedVantage Plus.  Once we receive the prescription, we will send the needed brace and submit a claim to your insurance.

Attention Doctors and Office Staff:  These prescriptions are available for your convenience.  Please complete the form on behalf of the patient and fax it back to MedVantage Plus.

Ankle & Foot Orthoses Prescription

Back (LSO & TLSO) Prescription

Hand, Wrist, & Shoulder Prescription

Knee Orthoses Prescription

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